#QuarantineCooking class recipes

*Because Chef Pat never cooks with a recipe, I never write down the recipes. Our philosophy is there is no ‘perfect’ recipe in Thai cooking. Instead, we teach people how to adjust the taste based on their preferences. However, many people in our #QuarantineCooking community have generously shared their notes from our classes with me. I posted them below (click on the recipe name to download)

*For questions about the cooking class or private group events, contact quarantinecookingclass@gmail.com


Indochina egg skillet (submitted by Jerilynn D.)

Appetizer & Salad

Deep fried ground pork toast & Deep fried banana (Submitted by Logan D.)

Larb & Fruit Som Tam (Submitted by Sarah B.)


Shrimp in tamarind sauce (Submitted by Nan & Matt)

Shrimp with glass noodles notes:


Choo Chee curry with salmon:

Green curry (Submitted by Carolyn G.)

Massaman curry (Submitted by Meghan A.)

Panang curry (Submitted by Sarah B.)

Red curry notes:

Stir fry

Pad Kra Pao:

Thai ginger chicken stir fry:


Crispy fried noodles with Chinese broccoli (Submitted by Nan & Matt)

Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle):

Pad See Ew:

Pad Thai:

Spaghetti Green Curry(Submitted by Nan & Matt)

Fried rice

Pineapple fried rice:


Tom Kha Gai (Submitted by Jerilynn)


Galangal ale recipe (Submitted by Brian H.)

Sparkling Thai Margarita (Submitted by Brian H.)


Mango sticky rice (Submitted by Nan & Matt)