Journal articles

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Cattapan, T., Vilairi, S., & Chinchanachokchai, S. (2023).The Influence of Social Media Influencers on The Pro-Environmental Behavior of Thai Generation Y Regarding the Purchase of Electric Vehicles, ABAC Journal, 43(2). LINK

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*Research mentioned in the WAKR 1590 (radio interview) (February 17, 2021),, and other media (February 10, 2021)

Chinchanachokchai, S., Duff, B.R.L., & Faber, R.J. (2021). Angry Birds vs Sudoku: How Different Types of Tasks in Multitasking Affect Ad Memory and Mind Wandering. Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 42 (4).

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*Research mentioned in Sage’s blog post (January 2017) and Thai PBS World (September 2019).

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* Research mentioned in The Huffington Post (March 2015)

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Book chapters

Chinchanachokchai, S., & Pusaksrikit, T. (2019). Characteristics and Meanings of Good and Bad Romantic Gifts across Cultures: A Recipient Perspective. In Gifts, Romance, and Consumer Culture, eds. Yuko Minowa and Russell Belk (pp. 80-98), Routledge Interpretive Marketing Research Series.
*Research mentioned in the Akron Beacon Journal (February 7, 2018)

Chinchanachokchai, S. & Duff, B.R.L (2013). Jack of all trades, master of…some?: Multitasking in digital consumers. In The Routledge Companion to Digital Consumption, eds. Russell Belk and Rosa Llamas, Routledge., pp. 67-77.