Radio interview at WAKR about romantic gift research

I gave a radio interview with WAKR (93.5 FM/ 1590 AM) about my research on romantic gift sharing on social media. In this study, we compared Asians and Western participants and examine their likelihood of sharing romantic gifts on social media. We found that interdependent self construals (Asians) are more likely to share romantic gifts on Facebook and Instagram, but not on Twitter.

We found that the motivations driving interdependents’ behavior also changed with the platform: they posted gifts on Facebook because they felt the gifts portrayed their self-identity among peers, while posting on Instagram was driven by a desire to flaunt their social status.

This paper was published in Computers in Human Behavior (see the article here). For more information about this research, please contact me at

The article was also mentioned in (see the article HERE), (see the article HERE), (see the article HERE).

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