Adapted Digital Media Summit

On October 1, 2019, I attended the Adapted Digital Media Summit organized by JMC brands. The conference, which is about digital and social media marketing, took place in Cleveland, OH. This was the first year of the conference. The organizer, JMC Brands, did a good job inviting speakers who are successful social media strategists, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, etc from around the country to share their experience as well as talk about digital and social media marketing.


They also invited people from Cleveland sports teams (the Cavs and the Browns) to talk about their digital marketing strategies to keep customers and fans engaged in the team and the players.


It was a great opportunity for us in academia to attend the professional conference in order to update our knowledge on what is going on in the real world. We learned a lot from the speakers and can share those experiences/stories with our students. Thank you, JMC Brands, for inviting us to attend the conference. We hope to go back next year.



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