Excellence in Community-Engaged Teaching Award & Akron Community Engaged Scholar

I ended my 2022-2023 academic year with the Excellence in Community-Engaged Teaching Award awarded by the University of Akron EX[L] Center for Community Engaged Learning. I would like to thank Andrew Rome from Haymaker Farmers’ Market (HFM) for being an excellent community partner in my class and research projects.

In 2020, my Integrated Marketing Communications class worked with HFM on marketing plans to promote the food incentive program at the farmers’ market to low-income populations. A year later I supervised an Honors students’ research project that examined how the COVID-19 pandemic affected fruits and vegetables consumption among low-income populations. I have also engaged in another research project about a farmers’ market program (Power of Produce) that incentivizes kids to try fruits and vegetables at the market. The collaboration has been very pleasant and I am very fortunate to be able to form such partnership with HFM.

In addition to the teaching award, this year I am also in an inaugural cohort of Akron Community Engaged Scholar (ACES). ACES program is a way for the EX[L] center for community-engaged learning to formally affiliate with full- and part-time faculty/staff who demonstrate a commitment to public impact y connecting campus and community through their teaching, scholarship, and/or significant service. The ACE scholars have a 3-year term.So my appointment will be from 2023 to 2026.

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